Sweet Solutions Bakery
Baked Goods

Handmade baked goods

If you're walking down Main Street in Canandaigua and smell something sweet in the air, it's probably the fresh baked goods just out of the oven at Sweet Solutions! We sell a delicious variety of fresh, handmade baked goods, including cookies, pies, muffins, rolls, bread, and other custom chocolate and sugar creations.

Try a “fun size” cinnamon bun or a Hot Cocoa Bomb!

We've been making “fun size” cinnamon buns for the last 30 years. To us, “fun size” means “about the size of your head".

Sweet Solutions also bakes sweet season treats depending on the time of year. This means you can find holiday-themed cookies, pumpkin pies, fresh bread, and so much more. If you want us to create cookies or pies for the season, we can design custom creations made to order. If you're throwing a birthday party for someone who loves cookies, we can create their favorite cookies with their name emblazoned on top. There are so many unique bakery creations we can handle at Sweet Solutions!

Gluten-free options

Sweet Solutions offers gluten-free baked goods, including cupcakes and cookies. While our bakery is not completely gluten-free, we do take every precaution while making gluten-free treats for those who request them. Our bakery does not accept orders online, only by calling them in.

Check out Sweet Solutions for fresh baked goods during any time of the year. We offer seasonal baked goods for your holiday events and specialty custom orders for an upcoming event or to satisfy a craving. Call us today or stop in and see us.

Call us for specialty cakes for any occasion. (585) 905-0638